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Mainly because the others don't realize they've got problem quite yet.

Fiamc BioMedical Ethics Centre

F.I.A.M.C. Biomedical Ethics Centre India

The centre's primary request was for a members area to be setup so they could run their Biomedical Ethics courses online for all their students.  

Prakriya Hospitals

Prakriya Hospitals


Prakriya Hospitals is a unit of C Square Healthcare Private Limited. They are a multispeciality hospital located in Bangalore. They were looking for a website that looks great, performs well and attracts new patients from regional areas.

Cosmetology India

Cosmetology India

One of the leading cosmetologists of Mumbai, Dr. Sangita Kandoi established the clinic in 2000 and has already gained a loyal clientele over the past few years. She was looking forward on expanding her business by moving her marketing online.

Sports Medicine Ortho

Sports Medicine Ortho


Sports Medicine Ortho centre from Mangalore was looking forward to have a website build that would focus on Sports medicine. They wanted a website developed that would facilitate Amature and Professional Athletes. 

Mumbai Foot&Ankle

Mumbai Foot & Ankle Clinic


The clinic is amongst the finest Foot and Ankle Clinics in India. Dr. Manoj Kandoi from Ashirwad hospital in Thane, Mumbai wanted a website that would cover several topics regarding foot and ankle conditions. He also wanted a bogging area included. 

Dr. Bejoy Jayan

Dr. Bejoy E Jayan


Dr. Bejoy Jayan is a highly experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon working for KMM Hospital in Puthanpalli Kerala wanted a website that would give his patients details on the services he provides.  

KarnatakaOrthopaedic Association

Karnataka Orthopaedic Association

An orthopaedic association with over 1600 members. Our primary goals were to design a website that would be easy to access by all their members. We designed a custom dashboard that would help with ease of use for all members.